Career Dis-Orientation Coach, Data Culture Nerd & Collage Enthusiast

Connecting the dots is my vibe. As a coach, I help my clients to map A and B of their career, build a route and get their "work mojo" back. As a senior manager, I build teams that make data work to fuel business growth. As an artist, I create a new meanings by combining pieces that normally do not go together.


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What I Do

💗 Career Dis-Orientation Coach ****

I help clients to become excited about their career again by asking insightful questions & creating a supportive place to unstuck.

👁 Building Data Culture

Data is life, analytics and science are the tools of it. I've built data teams and data-driven culture before and want more of it.

🚀 Career Happiness @Scale

I solve career unhappiness at scale with a digital product rooted in self-coaching, behavioural science & peer support (try it!)

🎯 Mentoring & Advisory

I have answers about career change, being non-tech in tech & vice versa, scaling data culture, building high-performing teams.

Wanna Chat?

Looking for a coach? Curious about how to make data a part of your organisational culture? Excited to join me in solving career unhappiness at scale? Or want me to deliver a workshop for your group or organisation?

Book a 30 min call with me: Book Now (Calendly)


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